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  • Heroku Custom maintenance page for Heroku
    14 Jan 2016
    1 minute read

    When you are using Heroku, you might want to have a custom maintenance page for your app.

  • Ruby Rails Order select tag entries alphabetically and group by first letter in Rails
    14 Sep 2015
    1 minute read

    Select tags with many options can soon get confusing. Sorting them alphabetically and grouping the entries by their first letter is an easy solution.

  • Design SMOOTH wallpaper set
    08 Sep 2015
    1 minute read

    Time for some fresh, colorful and simple wallpapers. The SMOOTH wallpaper set is easy on the eyes and won’t distract.

  • Design Philographics poster project
    03 May 2015
    1 minute read

    A new and sleek series of posters by Genis Carreras that communicate abstract, philosphical concepts such as Absolutism, Capitalism or Stoicism in very clean and bold shapes.

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